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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HalfPriceServices.com is proud of our easy-to-use web site and our service to our customers.   Below is an assortment of questions we hope will make your use of this web site fast, efficient and save you money.   The questions and answers below are displayed to give you a complete picture of our services and exactly the fabulous discounts that await you, all without a cost to view or use the services discount.

Please Note:  Not all services discounts displayed on this web site are for all people. Some services many not be for you or your specific needs, beliefs or way of life and are not suitable for your lifestyle. We have a very wide range of visitors from all over the world and their needs and wants vary greatly.

1. About Us
We take pride in delivering our customers the easiest, fastest, and best prices on services from many cities.  This web site was developed by our parent company, Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas, a nearly 20-year web site and 20+ years Las Vegas company.

2. Do we guarantee the Services discounts?
To the best of our knowledge we have checked the companies that we display their advertisements and constantly police advertisers to make sure they are delivering the correct discount on their services as represented.  Should any advertiser fail to deliver the discount as described in their advertisement they are subject to use immediately removing them from the web site.

3. Can we obtain multiple services discounts?
Yes, as long as you follow the rules stated by each advertiser, you can use one or hundreds of services discounts, there is no limit for the number of discounts you obtain from this web site. Each services company may adjust the number of discounts or the way discounts can be redeemed.

4. How do I get a physical coupon or ticket for the services 50% off special?
Each service company offering a 50% Off service on this web site issues a redemption code.  When you contact the service company directly, you will be asked to give the redemption code.  Collecting your 50% off services is that easy. No, you do not have a physical paper coupon. NEVER PAY RETAIL PRICES AGAIN.

5. How many half price services of the same offer can I redeem?
Each advertiser of services can put their own restrictions, if any, and therefore if they allow redemption only once or in some cases you can redeem a 50% off discount service every day.

6. Are there any hidden fees or surcharges that are not posted?
No hidden fees.  You pay no money to HalfPriceServices.com.  There are NO costs, fees, mystery taxes, surcharges, facility fee, handling fee, print fee, convenience fee, order processing fees, or hidden expenses.

7. What if I lost my redemption code, can you issue me another discount service code?
The redemption of the discount service codes is not specific to a person, meaning the discount code is not assigned to a person but to a service.  If you lost your discount service code, please go back online to the advertiser information and get the code again.

8.  Are the service discounts restricted to adults?
Yes, we hope so. This web site is designed for adults age 18 and above.  However, many services are for people under the age of 18.  If an advertiser does have an appropriate service for a minor, we will allow them to be posted.  We feel parents should monitor children under the age of 18 and hopefully what they view and what they use on the Internet.

9. How often will this website contact me by email?
Never, unless you request to be on our free email newsletter list.  The free email newsletter is sent periodically telling our readers of new discount services being added to this web site. Since we do not have a registration or collect any personal information on this web site for you to view the service discounts, we cannot contact you.

10. Is it safe to order services from all advertisers listed on this web site?
Hopefully Yes. Even after we screen service companies prior to us posting their services discount advertisement, we highly suggest all consumers to conduct their own due diligence before spending money with anyone.

11. Can I give the services discount code to a friend or relative?
Yes, but we would prefer you have them visit the web site themselves. While they visit the web site, they might also find other services discounts them or their friends and relatives might be interested in and therefore for maximum benefit, everyone should visit the web site first hand. Remember, giving the discount services code is acceptable, selling, trading or reselling is NOT permitted.  This is a free site and free service to you so please do not spoil it.  

12. Will I know if new discount services have been added to the web site?
Yes if you placed you name and email address on the subscription page for our free email newsletter.  You can remove yourself from the list at any time.  This free email newsletter is the only way we communicate to those who want to be notified when new service discounts have been added.  We do not sell, rent or share your email address or any information. 

13.  Can I cancel a service? 
Not all services discounts displayed on this web site are for all people. Some services many not be for you or your specific needs, beliefs or way of life and are not suitable for your lifestyle. We have a very wide range of visitors from all over the world and their needs and wants vary greatly.

14.  I want to buy other services from the company listed on your web site, will I get 50% off on those services also?
Each service company has rules on what they discount and how often you can redeem the service discount.  If they want to offer you additional discounts on other service that is between you and that service company.

15.  Do I have to prove I am 18 or over before I use this web site?
No. We do not make you provide ID or credit card information to use this web site.  We hope our visitors to the web site understand this is a site designed for people 18 and some situations 21 years old and over.  Food and drink specials may be a perfect example of why someone under these minimum ages may not legally redeem a discount service. 

16. Do you offer adult type services discounts?
Yes, within the legal limit of the law.  This is not a pornography site and we do not allow illegal items, services or products to be offered or explicit images.  However, we do allow advertisers of specific services that are designed for age 21 and above adults to enjoy. Each discount service offered on this web site may not be for everyone. We do not discriminate against companies that offer legal adult services.

17. Some discounts have a link to another web page rather than a code, what do I do?
Often advertisers offer discounts to our visitors and you do not need a code to redeem the 50% off discount.  Follow the instructions for each discount and enjoy the savings.

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